Sunday, 23 June 2013

We want to know how do you enjoy your summer and where are you having so much fun. So if you want  you can send me mails with your pictures and an explanation about where you are and I'll post them.
My mail address is

Do you remember last summer? I asked you to send me pictures about your incredible summer. It was great and as I am missing you sooooo much I decided to  ask you again if you can send me your holiday pictures. Thanks in advance and.... ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!! LOADS OF KISSES!!!!

Mariona: My best holidays in years!!!!!

Hello Marta,
I just come back from Shannon (finally Shannon is a region and the village is called Ballyneety). One picture is in Ballyneety with Iker (yes, he was also there) and a dog called Maxie. The other picture is a magnet and it is for the Suricates section. I bought it in Ireland for our class.
Lluc Segura Lladó.
NATHALIE: I just started my holidays in Calella. I'm very happy with my small boat. I  swam with fishes.

Laia: I'm spending my summer time in the school, we have fun in the Orlandai's summercamp. Have you ever been in  a "gomets" war??

Ester :Summer is here!!! What about going to the beach or going to the swimming pool??? We are still at school  working but as it is very hot now, what about having a bath???I hope I'll see you soon!!! Enjoy your summer!!!!

And this is my picture! I'm swimming under water in Calella!