Here you are a nice film based on We are going on a bear hunt
Enjoy it !!!

Do you want to  dance? We are preparing a special song for you!
We are sure you'll love it!!!!!
Do you want to see the dancing song?

The musicians of Bremen gimkhana!

The Camaleons class (grade 2) are working on The musicians of Bremen Book. So the Sargantanes class (grade 6) decided to prepare a gymkhana about the book for the Camaleons class.
There were 5 different activities:
1-      Barcelona- Bremen route. The Sargantanes showed a map to the Camaleons class. In the map they could see the different towns they have to pass to get to Bremen. They started in Barcelona. They showed the Camaleons the picture of Barcelona and they asked for the name of the city. The Chamaleons knew it was Barcelona! They played the limbo game. Two Sargantanas  students were holding a rope and they had to pass under the rope. When they all passed they got the donkey puppet. Then they showed the Paris photo and they asked the Camaleons for the city name. After that they had to pass the second game. They had to walk up and down the stairs in the playground as fast as they could.
When they finished, they received the dog puppet. Then they had to know what was the name of the city they were showing them: Brussels! The Camaleons group had a ball. The Sargantanas students were the basket and the Camaleons had to score a basket. When they all did they received the cat and the rooster!
2-      Animals tower: There was the drawing of the four animal tower shadows. Apart, they had every animal drawn in a cartoon. The Camaleons had the eyes covered with a headscarf. They had to put the four animals in their places with the help of the Camaleons students by saying: up, down, right and left.
3-      Match the names, sounds and photos. There was a cardboard on the floor. There were 3 columns: animals, photos and sounds. They had the pictures of the four animals, their names and their sounds. One Sargantana pick a picture and asked for the name. They had to answer. Then they asked for the name written and the sound they make.
4-      Sing along. They played song about the musicians of Bremen. They danced the song and they showed to the Camaleons group. After that the Camaleons had to dance and sing the song!! You can hear it:

5-      Put the story in order. They had 6 different pictures of the story and they had to put them in order. After that they had to play the chairs ‘game. While the Sargantanas were singing a song they were running around the chair. When the music stopped they had to find a chair and sit.

When we read the book I asked them if they wanted to create their own Musicians of Bremen book they said: YES!!!
So we spend about 2 weeks to create it!!! The final result is incredibly good!!

We acted the book in class and they asked for more! Marta, can we make the play of the Musicians of Bremen? 
-Yes! Of course!
So We talked about the characters and we wrote them down on a paper. Then we decided the characters in the play. -Who wants to be the Donkey?   
If there were more than one person per character we had to hold a raffle.
After that we started the rehearsals!

We are preparing the play. Do you want to see the outtakes???

We read the book: The town musicians of Bremen.
Do you want to see the movie?


And the Christmas poem again!!!!


Today we went to see the Rudolph play!!

In the beginning of the play Father Christmas asked :

Is Juna from the Orlandai school here?

Yes! I'm here- she said.

Are you a good girl or a bad girl?

I'm a good girl!- Juna said.

And...Is Pau from the Orlandai school here?

Yes!- he said

Are you a good boy or a bad boy?

A good boy!!!- Pau said



Father Christmas, Rudolph and the other reindeers were about to deliver the presents but....the Ice Queen hadn't got any ...She was so angry that she decided to kidnap Father Christmas!!!

Rudolph wanted to help Father Christmas and he asked Mateu to help him by singing the Jingle bells song.

They needed more help so
Rudolph asked Ivette if she wanted to dance the reindeer song.

They tried hard but then we had a great idea.
-Camaleons we have to help Father Christmas and Rudolph. Let's sing the Rudolph song all together!!!

Christmas time is coming!!!
Do you want to see our Christmas poem?
 We only pactised today but your kids are so good at poetry! Do you want to hear the poem?

Last Monday as I got to school Mariona told me:
-I have a surprise for our kids!
She showed me a very big box with stickers and a message: ONCE UPON A TIME...

I opened the box and I saw lots of books for children!!

Next week we will see some videos about Chameleons!
Do you want to see them?

This week we had our first English class!
We read the book: The mixed up Chameleon.
 We loved it!!!
It is about a Chameleon.
The chameleon's life was not very exciting until the day it discovered it could change not only its colour but its shape and size,too. When it saw the wonderful animals in the zoo, it immediately wanted to be like them -- and ended up like all of them at once -- with hilarious results.

Eric Carle (born June 25, 1929) is an American designer, illustrator, and writer of children's books. He

 is most famous for The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a picture book with few words that has been 

translated into more than 55 languages. Since it was published in 1969 he has illustrated more than 70 

books, most of which he also wrote, and more than 125 million copies of his books have been sold

 around the world.  He won the biennial Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for his career contribution to

 American children's literature in 2003

There was a cardboard with the chameleon with its parts from different animals stacked on. I asked them to say the different parts, the colour and the animal! They did a great job!!

Do you want to play a game??

and another one! this game is about animals!!!!!





Today we made a wheel book. After that we explained “Dear Zoo” by playing a story game.


Maggie’s mum came to our English class and told us a story “DEAR ZOO”. It was GREAT! We had a lot of fun!!

 We asked the class if they liked the book.
They said: YES, I LIKE IT!
               NO, I DON’T LIKE IT!
                 SO, SO…

What’s your favourite animal in the book? I LIKE THE LION, I LIKE THE FROG, I LIKE THE SNAKE….

Maggie’s mum brought us a video with the song of Dear Zoo!!

After that, we PLAYED for a little bit
Stomp your feed like an ELEPHANT
Jump like a FROG
Bark like a DOG
Roar like a LION

Walk like a CAMEL


Finally, everyone drew his/her favourite animal!!

We watched Harold and the Purple Crayon. Later, we thought of a shape to make with our purple string and we pasted it in a black piece of paper.

We also played the “Moon Game! We had some purple moons on the floor with numbers and we had to put the correct numbers of crayons into each one.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight….

We read the book “Harold and the purple crayon”

After that I gave them a purple string and asked them to make different shapes:
Can you make a circle with the string?
Can you make a triangle with the string?
Can you make a rectangle with the string?

Can you make a square with the string?

Can you make a house with the string?
Can you make a ship with the string?
Can you make a star with the string?
Can you make a moon with the string?

Can you make a tree with the string?

Last week we had a tasting experience!!!!

We asked Carme Bohera to help us drawing Handa on a big paper.

We discovered that Handa lives in Africa!
Africa is a continent.
Handa lives in Kenya
     World map    
·        KENYA
In Africa the houses are made of mud and Straw.
 There are a lot of flies. 

We talked about the differences between a village in Africa and the city of Barcelona. After that we draw the city and the village!!

Yesterday we had the second class and we read the book: Handa's surprise!!! It's a lovely story. 
Handa is a little girl who decides to visit her friend Akeyo, and bring her a basket of delicious fruit. As she walks along the dusty road, she wonders which fruit will be Akeyo’s favourite. On her way, some cheeky animals spy fruit in the basket and find different ways to take it! There’s a lovely surprise at the end that will delight children for many years. The story has appeal for younger children as they watch the way the animals find their favourite fruit. Older children enjoy the expressive language such as the sweet smelling guava and the creamy green avocado and the surprise ending!

Then we watched the movie.
There is a very big folder in the English class and inside it, there was a green cardboard with the animals from the books and their names!
We took all the pictures and names of and Marta said the name of an animal. We had to find the picture and the name and to stick them on the green cardboard. We had fun!!!!

We had our first class today!!!
We've decided our new groups names!
We are Cheetahs

and Panthers!!!

Welcome back to your English blog!
We hope you had loads of fun and we wish you to have a better time at school!! 

We read a book called Is that a frog? It is about the life cycle of the frogs.  We first learnt about the life cycle and we painted it with water colours. 

Then we investigated the frogs habitat and we went to the playground for leaves and sand. 

Finally we created the frogs habitat.

We asked M.Antònia if we could use her class to discover the instruments in Creepy crawly calypso book and she said: Of course!!!
So we went there and we sat on the stool. We opened the book and we started reading it again.
First comes the spider banging steel drums. We hadn't got steel drums but we played the drums!!

Do you want to hear them?

Second come the butterflies with accordions. Maybe we can have one next week!
Third come the cockroaches playing saxophones. We hope we can heard it next week!
Fourth come the dragonflies blowing their trombones.
Fifth come the fireflies with brass trumpets to toot.
Sixth come the army ants bearing tiny flutes.

Seventh come the ladybirds strumming their guitars.

Eight come the crickets the band's marimba stars.

Ninth come the beetles beating  congas loudly.

Tenth come the centipedes tinkling pianos proudly.

For any kind of party at any time of day the creepy crawly calypso is the best music to play.
The bugs from the Creepy crawly calypso book played a lot of instruments.

And here you can watch the video of the Creepy crawly calypso band!!!
I brought a bag to class. I moved it and it sound as...... GLASS!!!!
Inside the bag there were four glass bottles!!
-Do you remember the book? The bugs played loads of instruments!!! How can we create an instrument with these two bottles?
-We can use a bottle to hit the other!!!
- Great!!!!!! but... it is always the same sound! What else can we do?
-We can hit it with a spoon!! 
-Ok. And what else...?
-We can put water in the bottle! Who can help me?
We put the bottles on the table. They hit first one bottle with a spoon and then the other. They had different amount of water. 
-They sound different!! If there is not much water, it sounds less!!
-They sound different because one bottle has more water!
-Can you bring me more bottles with water?

We hit the different bottles with different amount of water. 
-Do they sound the same?
-NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! They sound different!!!
-Some bottles sound like LALALALALALALALALA (high-pitched) 
and some of them sound like LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO (low)
-Can you say if this bottle sounds High or low?
-And this one?
-So why don't we put them in order?

And what did they do first????
They put the bottles in order depending on the amount of water! That's clever!!!!!!!!
-Why did you put them in that order? 
-Because some of them have more water!
-Ok. Why don't you plat them? (as an instrument)
-Are they in order?
-YESSS The bottle with more water sounds very low!!! And the water with less water sounds very high!!!!!!!
-Well done little scientists!!!! Why don't we draw what we discovered???
And meanwhile we had a great concert!!
Last Monday the 17th of February, Neus brought us a worm in a bag. We gave it food (a geranium leaf).
We put the worm in the pot we used last Wednesday and we leaved it in class to observe it. On Wednesday we brought it to the science class. 
It changed!!!!!!!!! It was building a cocoon!!!!!!
The story is about different animals playing different instruments so today we wanted to find animals in the playground to observe them. We needed a jacket and a special pot with a magnifying glass!!!!!
So we all had one pot and we went to the playground.
We tried to find animals everywhere!!!!!  We didn't find animals but we where really interested in observing so we took different objects and we brought them to class!!!!
Jump and jive with this funky band of mini-beasts, as they play their cool calypso beats! Introducing guitar-strumming ladybugs, trombone-blowing dragonflies and piano-tinkling centipedes, the catchy CD which accompanies the book will have everyone singing along enthusiastically. The counting theme throughout helps young learners with their numbers up to ten, and there are lots of creepy-crawly facts at the back of the book, in addition to information about the Caribbean and calypso bands.
Tony Langham wrote his first poem aged seven. After thirty years doing various jobs Tony decided to become a full-time writer and now writes stories, plays and poems for children of all ages and travels around the UK giving performances in schools. He is married with small children and lives in Yorkshire. Debbie Harter is the illustrator of the popular Bear series and the best-selling The Animal Boogie (2000), which won an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, 2001. Her other titles include Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon (1999), Cooking with Herb (1999), Thesaurus Rex (2003) and Walking Through the Jungle (2004). She has recently moved from Sydney, Australia, back to her native Cornwall. 
  We started the second term with a lovely story.
Learn each of Elmer's colors when you join him in this playful game of hide-and-seek. Elmer's friend, Bird, is hiding. Lift the flaps and help him find her! Fans of the Elmer board books will love this bright lift-the-flap adventure with their favorite patchwork elephant.
David McKee (born 2 January 1935) is a British writer and illustrator, chiefly of children's books and animations. He has used the pseudonym Violet Easton. He is frequently referenced as David (John) McKee.
For his contribution as a children's illustrator he was U.K. nominee for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2006.
McKee has produced several characters that have developed into book series, including King Rollo and Mr Benn. Another famous creation is Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. Elmer is now published in more than 20 languages and has spawned a range of merchandise, including soft toys, from London Emblem and other companies worldwide.
Do you want to play a game about water cycle????
WATER CYCLE GAME!!!! It's time to celebrate Halloween and we decided to make Halloween cookies. Do you want to know how to make them? Home made butter cookies!!!
To make your simple and easy homemade butter cookies, you need the following ingredients:
400 gr all-purpose flour 160 gr softened butter 150 gr sugar 1.5 eggs or 'huevina'
How do we make it?
1.    In a small plate, put the butter:  If the butter is hard cut it into small pieces and leave for a while till malleable.
2.    Add the flour and mix it all together.
3.    Once this mixture is all creamy and fluffy, add  the eggs, one at a time. 
4.    Now, add the flour and baking powder mixture and fold in with a wooden spoon till the entire mixture is evenly blended. You can scrap the sides occasionally.
5.    Make a  roll dough and wrap it in a sheet of plastic wrap. Keep this dough refrigerated for about 4 hours or until it becomes firm.
6.    Preheat your oven.
7.    Grease the baking sheets lightly. Cut the roll into  slices of your preferred shapes and place these on large baking sheets. Keep the cookie mixtures about 1 cm apart from each other.
8.    Bake for 12 minutes or until the colour changes to golden brown.
9.    Take these out of the oven and place on sheets to cool for about 3 minutes.
Your warm and soft butter cookies are ready to eat! 
What is a cloud??? Can we create a cloud in our class??? YES!!!!!!!! We did it today!!!!!!!
 We went to the science class. There were two heaters, two pots, a glass, some cotton, scissors and water.
T-How can we create a cloud with these material? G-You can put the pot in the water! T- Let's try! It doesn't work! G-Why don't we put water in the pot? 
T-Ok. And what do we do now? G- What is this? (the heater)
T-It is used to heat up water. G-Ah!Why don't we put the water in the pot and we put the pot on the heater? T-Ok! Let's do it.
But first.... is the water cold or hot?  G-Cold. 
T-And the heater? Is it cold or hot? G-Cold.
T-So we have to turn it on, right?-Yes! T-What do you think is going to happen? G-My mum uses a pot with water!! T-Really? When? G-When she cooks! G-Oh!!!! LOOOOOOOOK!!!!!! There is smoke!!!
T-THAT'S TRUE!!! What is these smoke?? G-Water! T-Water? but it is not liquid!!!! G-Yes, because it changed!  T-Ah! It changed! G-And there are bubbles!!! T-Let me put the cotton on the smoke. What do you think it will happen? G- It will burn! T-Let's check!
We gave them some cotton so they could touch it. It's very soft!! T-That's true! Is it wet? G- No T-Look! If I squeeze the cotton.... what is happening?
G-It has water!!! T- How is it possible? G- Because it is the water in the smoke! T-Ah! There is this glass here. What can we do with it? G- We can put it on the smoke! T- Ok! But first, is it cold or hot? G-Cold. G-There is water on the glass!!! And it is the smoke water!
T- Can you explain what we did today?
G- The heater heats up the water. Then the smoke appears. The smoke is water that changed. If we put the cotton it takes the water from the smoke. If we put the glass as  the glass is cold the water in the smoke changes to normal water and some drops appear on the glass and it starts rainning!!!
T-So you could make rain today! Congratulations Girasols!!
T- Do you want to come to the science class some other day?
T- Ok then! We will do more experiments!
T- Finally, have you ever seen the process we've discovered today?
G-Yes! The sun heats the earth. The water from the rivers go up and make clouds. Ans sometimes it rains.
Last week we created our own cloud using white crayons, wax or chalk on a blue paper! They are so good at painting!!
Two weeks ago we read the book Little Cloud by Eric Carle.

This book is about a cloud that drifts away from the group of

 clouds to become a giant cloud and changes into many different

 things! It changes into a sheep, a shark, a clown, and many other

 things. At the end it returns make to the group. It is the adventure

 of a cloud!!! 

Eric Carle (born June 25, 1929) is an American designer, illustrator, and writer of children's books. He  is most famous for The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a picture book with few words that has been translated into more than 55 languages. Since it was published in 1969 he has illustrated more than 70    books, most of which he also wrote, and more than 125 million copies of his books have been sold around the world.  He won the biennial Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for his career contribution to American children's literature in 2003 We have our group names!!!! We are BOATS and CARS!!! On Wednesday we had our first English class!! We first decided our names and then we played with puppets. In the English class there is a theatre!! So we put the puppets in our hands and we said:  -Hello! My name is...... We introduced ourselves! We had loads of fun! Have a nice weekend!!!!!

Welcome to your English blog! Here you will find what your sons and daughters do in class. And remember you can always post a comment!


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